Yourgi Bestlife FAQs


Where can I purchase Yourgi Bestlife?

The Yourgi Bestlife subscription program is only available for purchase on the Yourgi app available in the Apple App or Google Play Store.


Where can I redeem my Yourgi Bestlife benefits?

You can redeem your Yourgi Bestlife membership benefits at any participating center. Participating centers are indicated in your Yourgi app and on


Can I purchase one subscription for multiple pets?

No, each Yourgi Bestlife subscription is specific to one pet, but multiple subscriptions may be purchased.


Can I cancel my subscription?

Yourgi Bestlife is an annual subscription membership. You can cancel your subscription if you have experienced one of the following qualifying life events: death of your pet, loss of employment, an employment transfer, a change in your active-duty military status, or experience a student transfer or permanent closure of your primary Yourgi pet/vet center. Please review the terms and conditions for additional details.

If you have experienced a qualifying event, please email with your name, pet’s name, and the reason for your cancellation, and one of our Yourgi Care Specialists will be in touch.


Can I cancel my plan before I fulfill my 12-month membership?

Members commit to a 12-month membership by purchasing a Yourgi Bestlife plan. Exceptions can be made in the case of a qualifying life event. Please contact for inquiries.


Will you offer Yourgi Bestlife for cats in the future?

Yes, we are working to launch the program for cats in summer 2023.


If I need support, who can I contact?

Please email


Do Yourgi Bestlife members need to make reservations for their free days of daycare?

Yes, Yourgi Bestlife members will still be required to request their days of daycare and their request must be approved by your pet/vet center. This process functions as it normally would.


How do Yourgi Bestlife members use their membership at checkout? What kind of interface in Yourgi can we expect to see that tracks benefits, discount/coupon codes, free days, virtual test results, Rx food orders, etc.?

Members will show membership benefits on their phone at checkout through the Yourgi app.


What types of pets are eligible for these Yourgi Bestlife memberships?

Yourgi Bestlife membership plans are currently for canines only, but feline plans are in development and will be released in 2023.


Can subscriptions be purchased as gifts?

Not at this time, but this option may be available in the future.


Will my plan auto-renew?

Yes, towards the end of the 12-month membership (after approximately 11 months) a contract renewal notice will be sent. If members don’t decline the renewal offer, their plans will automatically renew.


What does “unlimited” exams and office visits mean? Can I schedule any time I want?

While these visits are “unlimited” and, thus, there is no limit, pet parents must still follow normal scheduling request processes and can only schedule during open, regular exam hours.


What’s covered in the “unlimited” exams?

Just the exam. If there are additional services needed resulting from the exam, they would not be included unless also covered by your particular Yourgi Bestlife plan.


I thought I signed up for a different plan. What can I do?

If you have an issue with your current membership plan, or if you have questions about what’s included with your selected plan, please reach out to


If my vet office offers holistic, acupuncture, or Chinese herbal medicine, will those services also have discounts included in any Yourgi Bestlife plans?

Not at this time.